GLASS & TOUCH design

Innovation is a permanent mission of ELECTRA, and the use of GLASS & TOUCH technology for the outdoor panels was an original and brave solution, from the very beginning.
By integrating the chemically toughened glass and the Touch keyboard in the design of the panel, a premium appearance was created and all the challenges faced by a product installed outdoors were efficiently resolved: adaptability to the architecture of any building, full protection against water and dust, scratch and shock resistance, friendly use and easy maintenance.

Smart assembly | Easy installation on the surface | Anti-theft protection

The ELECTRA assembly solution of the smart video panel is very efficient, resulting in a product with a slim appearance, but at the same time
easy to install.
Through the perfectly layered conjunction of the constructive elements, respectively the electrostatically painted aluminum case and the 4 mm chemically toughened glass, doubled on the inside by the printed circuit board of the same dimension, results a robust product, only 33 mm thick, which is very easily mounted on any surface.
The anti-theft sensor is located near the fixing screw, and the alarm sets off immediately when the screw is unfastened.

Orientable video camera | Infrared LEDs | Operation at -30°C

The video camera represents an essential component, influencing the utility of the entire system based on its well-functioning and positioning. For this reason, the video camera module integrated in the smart outdoor panel was carefully designed to serve a multitude of day to day use
situations. Therefore:

  • The quality of the displayed images is very good, with accurate color rendering.
  • Images are transmitted during the entire duration of the call, talk and monitoring. The video image remains active 10 more seconds, for visual confirmation of the action’s completion.
  • The night vision is excellent, even when there is no street lighting. The infrared LEDs, activated by a light sensor, ensure visibility at a
    distance of 20 m.
  • The visualization angle can be optimized based on the position of the panel in relation to the entrance, the camera being 25º orientable to the
    left or right.
  • In case of condensation or very low temperatures, of up to -30ºC, the camera functions within parameters, being fitted with a local heating system.
  • The blinking red LED signals the presence of video monitoring, for extra safety.
Backlighted Touch keyboard with name display

The capacitive Touch keyboard developed by ELECTRA is genuinely smart, both aesthetically, as well as functionally. The call key has a generous surface, integrating, at the same time, the evenly backlighted name display. The implemented technical solution ensures the very efficient functioning of the keyboard:

  • The call is initiated by pressing any area of the frame, the capacity being evenly distributed.
  • No false calls during rain or high levels of humidity.
  • The keys do not get blocked, irrespective of the use frequency.
  • The names of the residents are very easily customized.
  • The light sensor activates the backlighting of the keyboard only during night.
Call, talk and access granting

The call is initiated through a short touch anywhere inside the name frame and is acoustically signaled by a ding-dong.
Each touch of the key resets the call, and the duration of a call is of maximum 1 min.
When the resident answers, the talk is initiated, with a maximum duration of 2 min. Access granting is signaled acoustically, through a beep confirmation sequence, and visually - symbol blinks.

 RFID card/ tag access

The in-built RFID reader allows an easy and comfortable access, by tag or proximity card. The access is signaled acoustically, through a sequence of confirmation beeps, and visually -   symbol blinks.
The RFID solution is customized, being developed to offer as much safety as possible to the user, reason for which the reader only functions with the secured ELECTRA tags.

 Programming / settings

The smart video outdoor panel is programmed with:

  • The address of the panel, programmed only when there are multiple panels in the installation.
  • The codes of the RFID access tags.

There are available settings for:

  • Video camera operating mode: only during use or permanent.
  • Red LED signaling the presence of monitoring: active or inactive.
 Additional products

The ELECTRA video door phone systems allow the direct connection of multiple additional devices:

  • An external video camera can be connected directly to the central unit, and the monitoring from inside the building can be done successively, on the camera from the panel, as well as on the additional one. 4 additional external video cameras can be connected through a video selection box.
  • For properties with multiple entrances, maximum 3 additional Touch Line4 wires video panels can be connected, in any desired combination, by using a video selection box.
Extended compatibility

The smart video outdoor panel is compatible with all the Touch Line4 wires outdoor panels, video and audio terminals and auxiliary equipment, with the possibility of integration in various configurations.

 Technical features


  • Dimensions: 260 x 110 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • CMOS video camera, 800 TVL
  • 6 infrared LEDs and 1 red LED signaling the presence of video monitoring
  • Surface mounting
  • PLUG & PLAY connectors
  • Recommended cables, according to distance:
    • 4 x 0.5 mm2, for a distance of max. 100 m from the panel to the last terminal in the installation
    • 4 x 0.75 mm2, for a distance of max. 150 m from the panel to the last terminal in the installation
    • UTP cat 5e (AWG 24) or UTP cat 6e (AWG 23), for a distance of max. 200 m from the panel to the last terminal in the installation
  • Operating voltage: 13.5 Vd.c from the power supply of the installation
  • IP44 protection rating
  • Range of operating temperatures: -30 ... +60°C
  • The product is CE certified by OICPE – Certificate no. 707.
  • The product contains printed circuit boards certified in compliance with the UL flammability standard – Certificate no. E307311.
  • The product is manufactured under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and under the ISO 14001:2009 environment management system, certified by TÜV HESSEN – Certificates no. 73 100 4856, 73 104 4856.
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