GLASS & TOUCH design

Chemically toughened GLASS is the essential material used for manufacturing the Touch Line range of products, thus inducing a minimalistic
and timeless elegance. Apart from the minimalistic aesthetics, the chemically toughened glass also ensures other fundamental characteristics of the products: scratch and shock resistance, impermeability, lasting polished aspect and easy maintenance.
The use of backlighted TOUCH keys keeps in line with the current tendencies in design and technology, as far as the ease of use is concerned, through a universally recognized visual language, with intuitive graphic markings.
Through a solid and essentialized look, the extra 7” video terminal represents a stylish presence, which can be naturally integrated in any
indoor environment.

Smart assembly | Easy installation

The ELECTRA assembly solution of the extra 7” video terminal is original and efficient, resulting in a product with a slim appearance, but at the same time dust tight and easy to install.
Through the perfectly layered conjunction of the constructive elements, respectively the resistant ABS case and the 3 mm chemically toughened glass, doubled on the inside by the printed circuit board of the same dimension, results a robust product, only 20 mm thick, which is very easily mounted on any surface.

7” color LCD display

The simple truth is that one image is worth more than a thousand words. The extra 7” video terminal displays high definition images during the entire duration of the call, talk and monitoring.
The night vision is excellent, at a distance of 20 m, even when there is no street lighting.

Intuitive hands-free use

The Touch keyboard is very representative, both through its universal minimalistic symbols, as well as through the visual signaling along the entire use time. The keys have different functions in stand-by and during use, a multifunctionality that brings further advantages to the users.
The interaction of the user with the terminal is minimal, as any function can be achieved with a single touch of the key.
Another very important characteristic of the Touch keys is that they do not get blocked, irrespective of the use frequency, which translates into long term reliability.  

Apel Call answer | Multiple monitoring | Ringtone selection

When the terminal is called, the key blinks.
The talk begins with a simple touch and continues completely hands-free, during maximum 2 min.
When the terminal is in stand-by mode, touching the key activates audio-video monitoring for 15 sec. Therefore, one can see and hear what goes on in front of the entrance at any time, also having available the option of bidirectional talk. Furthermore, the video monitoring can be done successively on multiple video cameras, as the ELECTRA video door phone system allows the connection of multiple additional cameras.
Also in stand-by mode, through a very simple procedure, the preferred ringtone can be selected from the 5 available options.

Apel Access | Call duration setting

Access can be granted in any terminal mode – stand-by, call, talk or monitoring. The video image remains active 10 more seconds, for visual confirmation of the action’s completion.
In stand-by mode, the call duration can also be set, according to preferences: 1/2/3 calls or 1 min.

Apel Call volume | Talk volume | Mute

There are 7 available volume levels for the call and the talk, and the option of activating the silent mode call. Volume adjustments can be made during use, as well as in stand-by mode.
The silent mode is visually signaled by a red LED that is permanently on.

Apel Auxiliary command

The auxiliary key can be used for controlling another automation: auto gate, garage door, outdoor lighting system. The ELECTRA video door phone system is fitted with direct connections for such an automation, feature which allows the installation to be upgraded with various additional devices.

Apel Picture taking | Memory of 100 images

The picture taking option has a very high contribution as far as safety and comfort are concerned. This function allows a complete record of all calls, as for every call made from the outdoor panel, a picture is automatically taken.
At the same time, the resident has the possibility to take additional pictures, at any time during the call, talk or monitoring, by simply touching the key. The memory capacity of the terminal is 100 images. When this limit is exceeded, the oldest images are automatically deleted in order to free space for the new ones.

Picture menu | Video image adjustment | Date/Time Setting

The available menu allows:


  • Visualizing and deleting the images.
  • Setting the date and the time
  • Adjusting the parameters of the video image: contrast, brightness and chrominance



    Intercommunication with the parallel connected terminals.

     Additional products

    The extra 7” video terminal can perform various functions inside the home, as it offers the possibility of directly connecting a series of
    additional devices:


    • If the doorbell button from the entrance is connected, the terminal will play the role of a doorbell.
    • At the same time, an additional device for acoustic and visual signaling of the call can be connected to the terminal.
    • For spacious homes, multiple additional Touch Line 4 wires video and audio terminals can be connected, in any desired combination.
    Extended compatibility

    The extra 7” video terminal is compatible with all outdoor panels, video and audio terminals and accessory equipment from the Touch Line4 wires range of products, offering the possibility of being used for house configurations, as well as apartment buildings.

     Technical features
    • Dimensions: 162 x 227 x 20 mm
    • Weight: 0.8 kg
    • Display LCD – 7”: 800 x 3(RGB) x 480, ◄/►/▼/▲ - 40/ 60/ 60/ 60
    • Surface mounting
    • Screw connectors
    • Recommended cables, according to distance:
      • 4 x 0.5 mm2, for a distance of max. 100 m from the panel to the last terminal in the installation
      • 4 x 0.75 mm2, for a distance of max. 150 m from the panel to the last terminal in the installation
      • UTP cat 5e (AWG 24) or UTP cat 6e (AWG 23), for a distance of max. 200 m from the panel to the last terminal in the installation
    • Operating voltage: 13.5 Vd.c. from the power supply of the installation
    • Range of operating temperatures: 0 ... +45°C
    • The product is CE certified by OICPE – Certificate no. 707.
    • The product contains printed circuit boards certified in compliance with the UL flammability standard – Certificate no. E307311.
    • The product is manufactured under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and under the ISO 14001:2009 environment management system, certified by TÜV HESSEN – Certificates no. 73 100 4856, 73 104 4856.
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