ELECTRA is a 100% Romanian company, specialized in the design, development and production of door phone systems, access control systems and of electronic equipment, performing since 1991 both in Romania, as well as on the international market.

The story of ELECTRA begins with an idea: what if anyone could enjoy a higher level of safety, with minimal effort? With this idea in mind, we venture in a 30-year long journey in the technical world of research, development and door phone manufacturing, in order to find the most advanced and accessible solutions for our clients.

During all this time, ELECTRA keeps up with the technological innovations and with the needs of its customers, launching products with modern and practical functions, which are 100% made in Romania. The simple and cutting-edge design, as well as the user-friendly interfaces of our products turn the ELECTRA door phones into genuine gadgets for living spaces and offices.

The diversity of production facilities within the company leads to its division into three specialized firms, with three major fields of activity, thus founding the ELECTRA Group in 2008:

  • ELECTRA – Producer of video door phones and access control systems
  • PCB-ELECTRA – Producer of printed circuit boards
  • EMS-ELECTRA – Supplier of SMD & THT electronic assembly services

The experience gained up to this point enables us to expand internationally, by opening an office in Vienna, Austria -  ELECTRA Building Communications GmbH. Thus, we begin developing an international network of distributors, with representatives in countries such as Belgium, Great Britain, Poland and the Republic of Moldavia.

Our journey continues with the aim of bringing the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients to the highest level, through the passion we put in our work, but also through the advanced technologies that we use along the entire production process in ELECTRA.

Eng. Marian BERDAN – The president of the ELECTRA Group

ELECTRA is founded in 1991 by Marian Berdan, the actual General Manager of the company, with the clear vision of manufacturing electronic equipment in Iasi, Romania. Thus, in 1993, we produce the first ELECTRA branded intercom, a customized access control solution, 100% made in Romania.

Even if the first ELECTRA office is modest, the ideas generated within this space are far from being the same. Shortly after the launch of the first products, we participate at the first national specialty fair.


In 1997, we obtain two patents for the access card door phone and 10 certificates of industrial design, registered with OSIM Bucharest. In 1998 we begin developing the ELECTRA national distribution network in Romania.


In the year 2000 we make two major investments, which are essential for the development of our activity. First, we move into our own headquarters, a space intended exclusively for ELECTRA. After this major change, we invest in purchasing equipment for the production of printed circuit boards and electronic components assembly, which enables us to produce more components for the ELECTRA intercoms in-house.


In 2002, we obtain the quality management certification in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, assessed by TÜV Thuringen Germany, while in 2005 we obtain the environment management certification in compliance with ISO 14001:2005.


Also in 2005, we begin exporting printed circuit boards and electronic assembly services in EU countries. Meanwhile, ELECTRA extends its production facilities to 4000 square meters.


In 2006, we begin the implementation of the RoHS technology for printed circuit boards and electronic assembly, while in 2007 we begin manufacturing colour video door phones, with a digital data transmission system and multiple interconnection possibilities.

In 2008, ELECTRA takes a big leap forward and becomes ELECTRA Group, the company being divided in three firms, each specialized on its own field of activity: ELECTRA produces door phones and access control solutions for end-users, while EMS-ELECTRA and PCB-ELECTRA specialize in production of electronic components for the industrial sector.


In 2009, we take innovation to another level and we integrate GLASS technology and TOUCH keyboards in the ELECTRA products, laying the foundation for a range of products with a modern and attractive design, in line with the current trends. We take another step forward and in 2010 we venture in developing and producing our own RFID technology, reason for which we extend our production facilities once again.


We dedicate 2012 to enhancing the visibility of ELECTRA internationally, by participating as an exhibitor at the Light+Building Frankfurt specialty fair. On this occasion, we launch the most innovative range of video and audio door phones so far: TOUCH LINE Basic.


In 2014, we launch the new generation of video & audio door phones – Touch Line SMART. During the same year, we are once again exhibiting at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt, where the Touch Line SMART range of products is the main point of attraction.


In 2015, we continue expanding internationally, by participating as an exhibitor to the Expo Seguridad Fair in Mexico City, Mexico.


In 2016, we take an important step in the evolution of the company and we extend our activity to the ELECTRA office in Vienna. At the same time, we take part in the Expo Seguridad Fair in Mexico City for the second time, where we exhibit the Touch Line Smart+, Extra and Security lines of products.

The global promotion of ELECTRA continues in 2017, with the participation, for the third consecutive year at the Expo Seguridad Mexico City, at the Power Days Salzburg specialty fair, in Austria, but also at Ambient Construct & Instal in Cluj, Romania.Construct & Instal - Cluj.

2018 begins with the participation at Light & Building Frankfurt, where the Bellcome brand was also promoted, which is present on the German market since 2014. As far as products are concerned, 2018 brings the launch of the newest range of Electra products: Touch Line - 4 wires/Residential. In the autumn of 2018, ELECTRA makes an important step in the development of the company and begins the construction of a new 10.000 sqm factory, in the Miroslava Industrial Park near Iasi. The year ends with the participation at Romanian Security Fair, a specialty fair in Bucharest, Romania.


2019 represents an important year in the evolution of the company, marking the end of the construction work at the new factory, which will be known as the ELECTRA Group Center for Electronic Industry. The relocation of the production activity will take place at the end of the year, thus beginning of a new chapter in the story of ELECTRA. At the same time, in 2019 we participated once more as exhibitors at Power Days Salzburg (Austria) and we launched a new access control range of products - Access Line.



ELECTRA defined the concept of door phone on the Romanian market, having the main objective of offering its customers further safety and comfort within the privacy of their own personal space.

The unique character of our products is given by their design, which is impressive through simplicity, elegance and their potential to be integrated in the most diverse architectural environments.

Thus, the ELECTRA team made intense investments in new technologies, but also in research and development, in order to engineer from zero a range of products that are reliable, easy to install and use, with an accessible price range, but also with a versatile and attractive design.

For us, the future means reinventing the door phone and access control systems, through their continuous alignment with the technological and architectural progress, but also with the needs of our local and international customers.

Apel Passion

The foundation of our company represents the passion we put in our work. ELECTRA was founded and developed out of passion, and today, we grow with the same passion and dedication as in day one, but with a solid experience and an infinite number of possibilities.

Apel Progress and innovation

Progress, together with innovation, represent two major guiding principles of our activity in ELECTRA. We always try to be one step ahead and anticipate the trends within our domain, by keeping an open mind to the needs of our customers and closely monitoring the progress of the market in the fields of technology and design. 

Apel Quality

We dedicate a lot of time and energy to equivalate the concept of quality with ELECTRA products. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to constantly improve our door phone systems.

Apel Simplicity and elegance

In this aesthetic era, we have an increased focus on the appearance of our products and we are always working with a team of professional product designers in order to generate the most elegant and modern solutions.

Apel Authenticity

Our respect for the country we live in and its economic potential determined us to launch on our path with the purpose of creating a 100% Romanian product, an ideal that we have successfully achieved and of which we are genuinely proud.

ApelRespect for people

Respect for our customers, but also for the members of our teams, represents and essential value of our company. ELECTRA would not exist without the passion and dedication of the people who are working here, and without the trust of our customers in the company and the products we manufacture.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system, certified by TÜV HESSEN

ISO 14001:2009 Environment management system, certified by TÜV HESSEN