ELECTRA is a Romanian company, specialized in the design, development and production of door phone systems, access control systems and electronic equipment, operating since 1991 both on the Romanian, and on the international market.

The diversity of the production facilities within the company lead to its division in three separate firms, each with its own field of activity, marking the founding of the ELECTRA Group, in 2008:
  • ELECTRA – Producer of video door phones and access control systems
  • PCB-ELECTRA – Producer of printed circuit boards
  • EMS-ELECTRA – Supplier of SMD & THT electronic assembly services

Today, ELECTRA is a powerful group of electronic production companies, with a high technological level, with innovation and development processes integrated in the current activity, launching products that are 100% made in Romania.

In January 2017, for covering a need of space and for a better functioning of the company, the ELECTRA Group decides to initiate the project for a new headquarters, located in the Miroslava Industrial Park, Iasi county.


The Center for Electronic Industry is, above all, a FACTORY

Incorporating production spaces and offices, the building complex expands on a total surface of approximately 10.000 sqm.

In contrast to the usual typology of industrial hall, a rectangular “big box”, the hall complex of the Center fits a 100/100 m square, reaching developable limits on one direction, and clearing the field for subsequent expansions, on the other direction. 

A series of courtyards, with representation, technical and leisure functions, highlights the volume, singularising the three halls for the separate firms of the group. The inside courtyards improve orientation, natural lighting and the quality of the working spaces.

The main building is home to the joint functions (dining hall, auditorium, reception, meeting and training rooms, exhibition spaces) and functionally unites the three buildings. The core thus ensures the cohesion of the complex.

This layout allows flexibility in time and space, ensuring both the individualization of each firm, but also the possibility of direct connection, nearness between them. Thus, the efficiency in use is ensured, as well as a dynamic and pleasant working environment. 


Each hall is made of two sections. One opening of 10 m, superposed, houses the technical, social and administrative spaces. The production spaces are laid out horizontally, on sections of 20 and 40 m, respectively. The office spaces, located at the upper floor, visually communicate with the production spaces.

Vertically, the 3 volumes adapt their form both to the indoor, and to the outdoor context. The reclined roofs address both the functional requirements of the buildings, as well as the weather conditions.

In order to increase the construction speed and reduce costs, modularity and precast parts have been widely used in the design and execution of all the details.


The structure, made of precast reinforced concrete, has been used as a reference to the methods commonly used in the past, at the construction of industrial halls in Romania.


The outer shell, made of aluminium-coloured, precast thermo-insulating panels, create a mix of glow and contrast.


Although characterized mainly as an airtight volume, the rhythm of the vertical windows consistently punches the façades, in order to open the volume to the exterior.



The design of the flows, the installation systems, the ratios and the links between the spaces, carefully adapted to the specialty of each firm, created, in the end, an extremely flexible complex.


The use of a rigid functional grid created flexible and efficient spaces, which will contribute to the improvement of the production processes and will always be adaptable to the requirements of the market and of new technological processes. Thus, the design, production and delivery are experienced as a holistic process, cleverly interconnected.


The project includes sustainability principles that improve the indoor environment, ensure an appropriate psychological comfort to the users and reduce the use of natural resources: controlled natural ventilation, natural lighting in all working areas, the existence of horizontal visual relations with the environment through eye-level windows.

The project of the Center for Electronic Industry aims at transforming the industrial landscape of Iasi through an industrial vernacular.

Reaching beyond its context, through strategies that combine functionality with the function of representation, the new ELECTRA Center becomes a landmark.

Covering a need of space for the expansion and better-functioning of the company lead to the creation of a representative space, functional, efficient and flexible – a “home” of the electronic industry.



The architecture of the center serves its users, above all, denying the ease of “spectacular” gestures and the “originality” at any cost.

Pragmatic and refined, the Center for Electronic Industry is a declaration of performance, the expression of the intelligence and passion of its users.


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