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The access and use of this website are subjected to the following terms of use and to all the applicable laws and regulations. By accessing and using this website, you agree, without limitations or qualifications, to the present terms and you acknowledge that any other agreements between you and ELECTRA S.R.L. are replaced by the provisions of the current Terms of Use.


In the present document, the following terms will bear the below mentioned meaning, unless the context suggests otherwise:

ELECTRA: represents the company ELECTRA S.R.L., located in Iasi, Bd. Chimiei nr. 8, Iasi county, 700291 ROMANIA, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J22/1225/1991 and with the Tax Identification Number RO 1962470.

Site: represents the Internet page belonging to Electra, found at the address www.electra.ro, through which the User has access to information regarding the services and products provided by Electra.

User: represents the person who accesses the website, in personal or professional purposes and who has accepted the terms of use applicable to the present website.

Content ownership

The website and its entire content, including, but not limited to, all the texts and images (“Content”) represent the property of ELECTRA and are under the ELECTRA copyright, with all the reserved rights, excepting the cases in which it is mentioned otherwise. It is strictly forbidden to use any Content, except what is mentioned in the Terms of Use, without the written permission of the owner of the “Content”.

Website content

The information published on the website represents information of general interest about ELECTRA, the products sold by the company and its partners, as well as other information considered by Electra to be of interest for the Users. Electra is the owner of all the intellectual property rights on the website, respectively its design and contents. The User is under the obligation of observing all the intellectual property rights of Electra, stipulated by the existing legislation.

The use of the website

The user undertakes to access and use the website in purposes and through means that do not represent an abusive use.


ELECTRA is not and cannot be made responsible for any prejudice created by the errors, inaccuracy or outdated information that is published or kept on the website, which is not the source of its fault. ELECTRA reserves the right to add or modify any information on the website. Any problem caused by the products and services presented on the website will be amicably solutioned within 15 working days from the written complaint of the user. ELECTRA is not responsible for any loss, cost, process, expenses or other liabilities directly caused by the non-compliance with the Terms of Use. ELECTRA is not responsible for any prejudice created as a result of the website’s malfunctioning, as well as a result of the impossibility of accessing certain links published on the website.

Use of the Internet Browser

ELECTRA guarantees the optimal functioning of the website through the use of Mozilla, version 51.0 or later.

Accessing the website electra.ro implies the consent of the users for their personal data to be stored and processed by ELECTRA. The purposes for which this information is kept are: the creation of a data base for compiling statistical reports, sending information about ELECTRA product promotions or any other activity performed by ELECTRA through any means of communication (mail, e-mail, phone, SMS etc.).

ELECTRA is the sole owner of the information collected from this website. ELECTRA S.R.L. undertakes to not divulge personal information to third parties through sale, partial disclosure or rental. The only exceptions from this rule are represented by the direct marketing operator, which performs various specific actions, agreed with ELECTRA, under the provisions of a confidentiality document and an agreement, both validated by the Legal Department.

Data collection– is done through various means and specific instruments, such as: professional traffic monitoring software, newsletter management application, through saving various contact information filled in by the users on the website in a database, through online questionnaires etc. All of the above-mentioned tools and means have the purpose of increasing the website’s ease of use and of publishing information that is most relevant for the interests of the users.

Restricted access and (un)subscription – there are certain website areas that require registering (see Registering) or subscription (see Newsletter). In the case of the newsletter, each edition/alert also includes the subscription method; once this option is accessed, unsubscribing takes place immediately, without any other confirmation required from the users. Depending on the type of registration (website account creation, newsletter subscription, partner request), the user may be asked to provide data such as: first name, given name, email, address, PIN, company etc. This data is used for the identification, validation or completion of the account.

Cookies– the website electra.ro uses cookies, representing data that is being stored on the user’s hard, containing information about the user. The use of cookies represents and advantage for the website visitors, as they allow the storage of certain website navigation preferences, such as the website display language, types of filters that are applied during the display of certain pages, user and password storage for quick access to the website account. By not accepting cookies does not imply that the user will be denied access to the website or its content. With the help of cookies, the website owners can monitor and divide the interests of the users for certain website areas or applications, which later allows them to improve the browsing experience, to add content that is relevant to the user etc. Nevertheless, we do not have access to these cookies or the ability to control them.

Useful links – this website contains links to other websites. ELECTRA is not responsible for the confidentiality policy applied by the respective websites. Before accessing these websites, we recommend going through the legal terms and the other information regarding their policies for personal data collection. The norms presented in this text only apply to the information collected on this website.

Notifications and actions regarding user information – at the written request of the users, dated and signed, sent to the address of ELECTRA, ELECTRA undertakes: a) to confirm to the requesters if they process personal data, or not; this is done free of charge, one time a year; b) to correct, update, block, delete or make anonymous, free of charge, any data the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of Law No. 677/2001 regarding the protection of the people concerning the processing of personal data and the free movement of this data; c) to stop processing the personal data of the user, at the user’s request.


Our website is taking all the necessary security measures to protect the personal information of our users. When filling in any personal information on our website, the data will be protected online, as well as offline. All personal data will be processed through secured pages that use the SSL encryption system, marked with the lock symbol, located in the lower side of the browser window.

Terms of Use Reviews

ELECTRA may, at any moment and without previous notice, review these terms of use by updating them. It is mandatory to observe each and every review, reason for which it is necessary to visit the current website page on a regular basis, in order to acknowledge the updated Terms of Use.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

The present Terms of Use and the use of this website are governed by Romanian laws. The Romanian competent courts will have exclusive jurisdiction on each and every dispute that results from or refers to the provisions of the Terms of Use and/or the content of the website, or, in the case of disputes for which the present Terms of Use are considered relevant facts.