Touch Line range


An original „touch”

The quote „complex, but not complicated” expresses, in the most relevant manner, the philosophy that underlies the product innovation and design process in ELECTRA. The Touch Line range of video door phones was developed in the exact same lines, resulting in a comprehensive family of products, which harmoniously combines an intuitive design with a diversity of functions and installation solutions for houses, apartment buildings and residential centers.

GLASS & TOUCH design
Chemically toughened GLASS is the essential material used for manufacturing the Touch Line range of video door phones, thus inducing a natural and timeless elegance. Apart from the minimalistic aesthetics, the chemically toughened glass also ensures other fundamental characteristics of the products: scratch and shock resistance, impermeability, lasting polished aspect and easy maintenance.

Through the use of backlighted TOUCH keys, the Touch Line panels and terminals keep in line with the current tendencies in design and technology, as far as the ease of use is concerned, through a universally recognized visual language, with intuitive graphic markings. At the same time, through a solid and essentialized look, the products are easily integrated in the contemporary architecture and develop an authentic “aesthetics of the invisible”, representing a distinguished presence in any set-up, without being intrusive.

Designed and developed according to international standards and fabricated out of environment friendly materials, the Touch Line products comply with the principles of a democratic design, combining an accessible price with a premium appearance.


The ELECTRA assembly solution for the Touch Line panels and terminals is very efficient, resulting in products with a slim appearance, but at the same time impermeable and easy to install. The outdoor panels have an electrostatically painted aluminum case and a 4 mm chemically toughened glass front surface, doubled on the inside by the printed circuit board of the same dimension. The anti-theft sensor is located near the fixing screw, and the alarm sets off immediately when the screw is unfastened. In the same manner, the indoor terminals have an ABS case and a 3 mm chemically toughened glass front surface, doubled on the inside by the printed circuit board of the same dimension. Through the perfectly layered conjunction of the constructive elements, we created a line of robust products, protected from the external environmental factors and easy to install.  


Advanced video solution

One image is worth more than a thousand words. In an age in which technology evolves in spectacular leaps, but remains accessible, at the same time, the video door phone tends to replace the classic
audio intercom.
The video solution developed by ELECTRA for the Touch Line products is perfectly adapted to the security needs of the users: orientable video camera, very good image quality during day and night, very low temperature operation, extended monitoring and image recording.

  • The video camera integrated in the panel is of very high quality.
  • The visualization angle can be optimized, the camera being 25º orientable to the left or right.
  • The 3.5” or 7” LCD displays show high definition images, with accurate color rendering.
  • The transmission of the images is done during the entire duration of the call, talk, monitoring and
    access granting.
  • The night vision is excellent, with infrared LEDs ensuring visibility at a distance of 20 m.
  • The video camera is equipped with an anti-condensation system, functioning at temperatures as low as 30ºC.
  • The video camera can be set to function permanently, for extended monitoring and image recording
    through a DVR.
  • One additional external video camera can be connected directly in the central unit of the video door
    phone installation.

Function levels

People are different, therefore they have different expectations regarding protection and comfort. Some need a standard door phone, with classic functions, while others look for advanced solutions, which can offer further safety and usability.

We have taken this aspect into account when designing the Touch Line products, which are created on two levels of functions. The smart level includes basic functions – call, talk, monitoring, access and auxiliary, reinterpreted with various options of adjustment and setting. The extra level offers more security by adding the picture taking function, with photo memory.



  • Hands-free call, answer and talk
  • Video image display during the entire duration of the call, talk, monitoring and access.
  • Video & audio monitoring and bidirectional talk
  • Access granting during the call, talk and monitoring
  • In-built RFID reader, easy access with proximity tag/card
  • AUX key for additional automations: auto gate, garage door or lighting system
  • Call and talk volume adjustment: 7 levels and Mute
  • Ringtone selection: 1/2/3 calls or 1 min.
  • Video image adjustment: brightness and chrominance
  • Setting of lock timing: 1 – 10 sec.
  • Storage / deletion of access tags

+ Automatic picture taking at each call, optional in case of talk and monitoring
+ 100 pictures memory
+ Visualize / delete picture menu




Interconnectivity with additional products

The Touch Line products are designed departing from the underlying principles of the smart home: safety, comfort and interconnectivity. All the elements of the Touch Line video door phone system have direct connections for a multitude of additional devices: various lock types, external video cameras, video recorder, automation of the auto gate, doorbell, additional call signaling device, additional panels and terminals.

  • Distinct connections in the central unit, for 3 types of locks: C.C. lock, A.C. lock or fail-safe lock.
  • An auxiliary command, connected in the central unit: auto gate, garage door, outdoor lighting.
  • An external video camera, connected and supplied with power directly from the central unit
  • Up to 4 external video cameras, with one video selection box
  • A video recorder (DVR) for recording images, connected in the central unit
  • Doorbell, connected to the terminal
  • Acoustic or visual call signaling device, connected to the terminal
  • Up to 3 additional video and audio terminals in each home
  • Up to 3 additional outdoor panels, for multiple access gates (with a video selection box)


Complexity levels at installation

In developing the Touch Line range, we have taken into account the multitude of installation situations, generated by multiple factors: the size and layout of the buildings, the distance from the entrance to the farthest apartment, various types of cables, different levels of installation knowledge.

For that purpose, depending on the connection method, the maximum operating distance and the diversity of possible configurations, the Touch Line range is divided in two variants: 4 wires
and Residential.

  • Touch Line - 4 wires
    • Installations for resident buildings of 1-2-3-5-8 families and apartment buildings of up to 40 apartments.
    • The installation requires medium technical knowledge.
    • Recommended cables, according to the operating distance: 4 x 0.5 mm2 for up to 100 m; 4 x 0.75 mm2 for up to 150 m; UTP/FTP cat 5e (AWG 24) / cat 6e (AWG 23) for up to 200 m.
  • Touch Line – Residential
    • Installations for buildings of up to 255 apartments, as well as complex solutions for residential centers.
    • The installation must be done only by specialized installers.
    • The recommended cable is UTP/FTP cat 5e (AWG 24) / cat 6e (AWG 23). RJ45 connectors are used for the main connections.
    • The operating distance is of max. 2000 m between the outdoor panel and the farthest terminal in the installation.