Sustainability and protecting the environment

ELECTRA performs its activity in a country of a remarkably beautiful natural heritage, with varied and balanced landscapes. Out of respect for the natural diversity of our country, we have been motivated since the beginning to responsibly manage the impact of our products, services and processes on the environment.

In 2005, ELECTRA receives the EN ISO 14001 Environment Certification, which guarantees the rational use of resources and the minimization of the immediate and long-term impact on the environment, including the conformity to the legal standards and regulations. At the same time, for the manufacturing process of our products we use materials and technologies that comply to the RoHS Directive.

We take measures to reduce the use of resources, starting directly from the design phase of our products, by:
• Dimensional minimization
• Finding solutions for an ecological assembly
• Using recyclable materials
• Eliminating polluting technologies
• Reducing the energy consumption

The new generations of ELECTRA products, manufactured in GLASS technology, with the most modern equipment, represent the materialization of all these measures.

The needs of future generations represent our concern along the entire production process!

You too can contribute to protecting the environment!

In compliance with HG 1037.2010, if you install or use the ELECTRA door phone or video door phone, it is mandatory to prevent the elimination of the door phone, video door phone or of any components of the installation as unsorted municipal waste.

As any other domestic appliance waste, any component of an access door phone or video door phone that is out of use becomes a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), which is sorted and handed over to companies that are authorized to collect them.

We keep the needs of the future generations in mind with everything that we do!

The door phone or video door phone installation (or any of its components) that is out of use is collected by the authorized distributors of ELECTRA. The complete list of authorized distributors can be found on our website, on the Distribution-Service page.

By handing over the old door phone or video door phone (which is no longer in use) to an authorized distributor, you protect the environment, as WEEEs are not biodegradable. Through waste sorting, these WEEEs reach an appropriate treatment installation.

The electrical and electronic equipment produced after the 31st of December, 2006 have the Recyclable symbol applied on the case, the package, the user manual and the warranty certificate.

In the European Union, this symbol signifies that after the equipment is out of use, it becomes a waste (WEEE), which is not disposed of in the household or municipal refuse, but is sorted and handed over to the WEEE collection points.

The ELECTRA products are delivered in plastic or cardboard packaging. After the installation, the packages can be reused, and when they become waste, you own the responsibility of sorting them (HG 621/2005).

Paper and cardboard are collected in the blue container, while plastic is collected in the yellow container. The Recyclable marking indicates that the respective package can be recycled.

Through your action of sorting the packaging waste, you prevent the pollution of the environment and you offer your family the opportunity to live in a clean, pollution-free environment.